Started working for DS-IQ as Sr Software Engineer

I have not posted anything in a while but I think this is a good time to do it. As I have not mentioned before I got a job at this company call DS-IQ. They are an awesome company that have the intelligent marketing engine that Walt-Mart uses.
I love because it has tons of different technologies that I’m really interested in working like WebServices, MVC website, Linux, Hadoop and Data Science so it pure technical heaven for opportunities which I want to grow my career.

Besides that:
– It was in a nice location in EastGate.
– Better tittle than in Microsoft now I’m a Sr Software Engineer
– Better pay as I get 25K more than before!!! althogh it is laking on benefits and there is no bonus.
– I was particularly surprised that people are really really nice!!!! Which is an awesome plus!

So it was a no brainer to join and it is very pleasant that it is an awesome environment.

The things I miss is better benefits like ergonomic accomodations, having my own office and other benefits that a big company like Microsoft can provide.

But trust me I won’t change this company for Microsoft anytime soon as the teams I’ve worked in Microsoft just threw me done and make my life miserable.