New Opportunities

After leaving Microsoft as planed I started preparing for my interviews this last Month.

Today I interviewed with Facebook and I notice that everything went well as I figured out how to solve the problem, BUT I just did not had enough time to complete testing and fixing the bugs on my code even though  I did had the right approach. Just the writing the actual code did go overtime so we had to sort of hash the end of it to solve the bugs.

So I discovered that the worst thing I do on interviews is that I talk to much.

Seriously I say that because I talked to much at the beginning of the interviews then I don’t get enough time to solve the problems.

This happened to me while interviewing with LinkedIn as at the end I did not had enough time to figure out the second problem plus I discovered that need more training doing recursive algorithms.

Well long story short today I got an email from the LinkedIn recruiter stating: “The engineering hiring panel decided not to move forward with your candidacy”.  So basically I did not get to a second interview because talking to much.

This is really bad news, it means that the same could happen with Facebook!

At least in Facebook I had enough time to figure the idea of how to solve it just did not get enough time to test it and figure out the bugs.

Hopefully I will get a chance to do the full loop, but there is a definite worry.


At least LinkedIn was not my first choice as I did not had the culture that I wanted, I just wanted the opportunity to move to California and that is no longer an option.

The worst thing is that I did knew that I was talking to much as I’m an extrovert guy, but I was so engage in conversation that just did not watch myself on time.

Facebook is my culture fit as lets me innovate.

I really hope that I get hire in Facebook, so I can apply myself towards short talking and more Recursion preparation in the full loop.

Otherwise I will have to lineup some contract work which bring good money but does not provide the culture that I’m driven to have.