Amyra is not a baby anymore

My daughter Amyra has grown so much since she was born. As my wife says “she is not our baby anymore” as of now she is 15 months old.

Opportunistic photo that makes her look like our little mode.

She has been fun and intrepid but most of all she has been hard headed. If she wants something she will definitely wants it. She has been good on trowing herself back and giving us scares of falling over but luckily there has been nothing that scary. Although a couple of time she hit herself when she throws herself back and we can’t act faster than she does

In terms of health Amyra has been sick couple of days back with the hand and mouth disease and lately an ear infection where we had issues treating it but I’ll talk about this later.

She still hates the car seat every now and then and has become harder and harder trying to get her in it as she has become stronger and stronger. I forgot to mention she is a strong baby specially for her size it is hard to control when she wants to scape from our arms.

Here she is after playing in her pool on our deck

It is still amazing show she has grown but as we go through our journey with her we do see some challenges. Currently we have discovered that she has three allergies egg, peanut & penicillin. At some point it was showing milk positive allergy to milk but that thankfully has gone away.

We discovered first of these allergies when we have her try peanut butter and after that we had a scare because it was reacting fast according the on-call nurse. So yes we call the clinic right away and gave her Benadryl to alleviate her red rash on the neck no scarier than that.

The allergy to penicillin was a different story. When she got sick with an ear infection the doctor prescribed her Amoxicillin which is a common antibiotic derived from penicillin and that cause a big reaction on her face giving her a rash all over her cheeks although the doctor though it was a combination of that and some eczema. But no matter what it was it was not pretty. Yes she was cute at the beginning with pink cheeks but then those became more reddish that even the made the daycare staff worry about her. Thankfully we got a doctor’s letter for this situation thanks to my wife for been extra careful on handling the situation.

We are loving the time with out daughter and enjoy her laughs and walking towards us. I could not ask for anything better in our lives and cherish each moment good or not so good that Amyra has to offer with a lot of love.