Playing with ASP.NET MVC with AngularJS

I used to do Web Development in ASP.NET WebForms and WebControls. I was pretty good at it and I avoided MVC for a while as I saw that it was pointless.

But after seen the job requirements for web development I have surrender to the idea that I’m just a backend developer as no one wants to hire smart people to learn the skill set.

So now I’m starting my own School Powers project integrating these “new” MVC technologies. I started playing with it and making it work but I still see it pointless it is removing the ideal case of rapid prototyping. Seems that it is just a practice to make managers happy that the website logic can be tested easier and workloads can be separate as well. I still disagree with the idea as I’ve been always creating a model to bind to the UI but now I don’t get the ability to use an user interface to design the site, I just get plain HTML to do it and the workload becomes a pain.

Maybe is just my resistance to it that is making it harder or it is a very steep learning curve.

AngularJS it is starting to grow on me. I’m not an avid JavaScript developer but seems that I will be getting closer with AngularJS. The bad part is that it seems that it is a steep learning curve.

I hope to have at least a couple of things ready using MVC and AngularJS before I find a new place of work.