Thinking about helping others with their financial goals

I’ve been managing my personal finance for a while and I’ve been really good at it. So I’ve been thinking on helping others with their financial goals, by giving basic advise like making sure to pay their debt on the higher interest first. Making sure that they can see what actually they are spending on a monthly and yearly basis.

I personally like helping others but never found the right channel to do it for the masses I think opening a new blog or page in facebook would do the trick.

Maybe I’ll write a book! Anyway just thinking her in my personal blog to just find ways to help others and have a higher purpose in life.

Finally started my School Powers project!

These couple of days I’ve been working seriously on my School Powers project as well playing around with ASP.NET MVC with AngularJS.

School Powers has been an idea that I had for years and I wanted to develop, I actually bought the domain 7+ years ago that is how far I’ve been with the idea.


I would say I really don’t like MVC seems pointless over-complication seems that just makes the site more “testable” so it is not ideal for rapid prototyping, but the MVC skill is on demand so to I need to get familiar in order to work in Web Development.

Agular JS I actually worked a little bit and seems complicated but it is starting to grow on me.

Well back to School Powers.

I initially started in my home office whiteboard, was a while ago when I was preparing for my interviews and wanted to play with the idea of starting to write this project that I had in the back burner for years.

  • I started in the white board by writing scenarios that I wanted to cover but I let those aside for a while.
  • Once I decided to go for it I though that it is a good exercise to practice my design skills.
  • I started doing the database schema on the whiteboard.
  • The the database design was pushed to a local Microsoft SQL instance. Now thinking about it maybe I should look into MySQL instead.
  • I think I’ve a bit ahead of myself trying to design the entire thing, but I should just do it by pieces.
    • For example:
      • I should start by doing the Username & Password validation and then move to the rest of the features.
      • Maybe I should have the feature first then based on the scenarios.
      • Well it is a design exercise so I’ll give it my best shot of figuring out what is the best approach

Anyway here I’m happy that I’m working on my own thing and at the same time learning new skills.

I’m thinking on putting my project in GitHub but then it will be public. I’ll give it some though.